Kapur Awarded the Top-Ranked Company in the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Best Places to Work “Extra-Large” Category

On August 18, 2022, Kapur was awarded the top-ranked company in the Milwaukee Business Journal’s Best Places to Work “Extra-Large” category.

All participating companies needed a large percentage of employees to complete an online survey. Employee scores were measured on how they responded to questions in core areas, including personal engagement, communication and resources, teamwork, retention, alignment with goals, trust with co-workers and senior leaders, manager effectiveness, and job satisfaction. In the Extra-Large category, Kapur ranked #1 company with a score of 88.45.

Receiving the award did not happen overnight. Kapur has been an open-door environment since its inception, creating a collaborative community among staff. Nearly a quarter of Kapur’s staff have stayed with the company for over ten years, and we recognize that dedication, for it is those employees who teach, guide, and collaborate with recently hired staff to share knowledge and strengthen our company. This belief has crossed county and state lines as we have opened branch offices and expanded work opportunities across the Midwest.

Senior Vice President, Tim Anheuser, PE, who has been with Kapur for 39 years, shared:

“It is an honor to be named Best Place to Work in the extra-large company category by the Milwaukee Business Journal. We are grateful to be in the company of the other winners. We have a simple formula for success at Kapur: hire great people, take care of each other, take care of clients, and do great work.  This formula at work in our talented and dedicated staff is the reason for this award.”

As a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm, we have grown and changed with the industry over the last 40 years. At Kapur, our leadership skills guide us each workday: Service Excellence, Performance, Integrity, Coaching, Communication, Inventiveness, Social Strength, and Work-Life Balance. Through this, we ensure Kapur employees are not only ethical, trustworthy, and accountable for their own actions but also the actions of the company. At Kapur, we understand that our future depends on fully engaging and expanding our diverse staff and to constantly consider various vantage points and make resources available to all.

We will continue to work towards fostering joy, collaboration, and excellence in our workplace. It is not without our staff that we can achieve honors such as this. We thank each employee for their hard work, dedication, and honesty in holding us to the highest standard possible.

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